AOL Account was hacked

What to do if My AOL Account was hacked?

Your AOL account is hacked and you do not have any clue what to do. Follow these helpful tips provided below.

If hackers have access to your account, they may likely to get all sorts of information related to your account. Users must be noted down that, hacking is not the same one as spoofing technique. If your account is  hacked, you are most likely to find emails in the sent folder even though you did not send them. In case, your account has been spoofed, you will not find any strange emails in your sent folder.

How to Know If Account was Hacked?

The following bullet points you must consider your account has been hacked if,

  • People claim to be receiving emails from your account that you did not send them.
  • You cannot find your Address Book contacts.
  • Your Sent, Deleted, Inbox, and Spam folders have been deleted.
  • You find odd emails in your Sent or Drafts folder.
  • You keep getting offline sign even though you are signed in to your account.
  • You are needed to prove that you are not a robot by getting CAPTCHA while trying to sign in to your account.
  • You discover unidentified contacts in your Address Book.
  • Emails you used to send are rejected and returned to you.
  • Your Display Name seems to be changed.
  • You are no longer getting any sorts of new email.

What to Do If Your Account is Hacked?

  • When your account is hacked the first thing you must do is the “Account password recovery” option. Your password is your first choice so it must be strong and unique.
  • Change your Account Security Question.
  • Install antivirus software. If you already have one, update it. Apply for a complete scan to keep your computer free of malware.
  • Check your appeared name and make sure that it does not consist the letters AOL or aol. If spammers able to access your account, they may change the screened name causing error messages whenever you try to send the email.
  • Review signatures for AOL mail to make sure that if any hackers have not added spam.
  • Review Away all the Messages tied to your account and check if a hacker has not added inappropriate content.
  • Make contact the AOL customer support team and ask for assistance. They will help you in recovering your account if you are having any sorts of issues. If you are fed up of recovering your account again and again, the assistance team will help you.

If You Receive Spam Emails From Your Email Address:

Supposedly, you receive any sorts of spam messages from your own email address, it may be due to spoofing. It is one of the key means uses by hackers to send spam emails while hiding their identity. Follow the bullet points in steps down below to fix the problem:

  • Report the mail.
  • Change the password of your account and use a strong and unique one.
  • Delete the email address from “Address Book”.
  • Make a complete scan your system to get rid of malware.

If you need any assistance from AOL, you must contact the assistance team. The best way to contact AOL is through the phone call. AOL will connect you to a technician who will give you a resolution to your issue. Another option to speak with an expert is through live chat.

The AOL expertise has plenty of suggestions that might help you deal with your concerns. Use it to seek assistance for your issue before contacting the support team directly.

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