How to secure Yahoo Email Account?

We are well aware of the immense importance of the exchanging emails in today’s world. Undeniably it holds a prominent position and has establishing its name permanently. It has many advantages and several problems. Majority of the people prefer using Yahoo mail because it is user friendly, systematic, fast and also it keeps on introducing new and exclusive features. Wait a minute, it is always nice to create a new account and start using it but you must always take care of your account’s security.

Hacking in today’s world has become a trend, and so it is an urgency to understand the importance of security. Our Yahoo Mail holds enormous number of personal and professional information and so for obvious reasons we wouldn’t like someone else to have a look on our account. Here, in this blog we would like to discuss some common problems and their troubleshooting tips. You can read this blog, seek help from it and of course take prevention so that you do not get stuck.

Keep Changing your Password

We all know that password is actually the key to our account and maybe this is the reason that it is important to keep a password that is easy for you and difficult for others. As hacking is common, you must keep a track of your account and make sure you do not ever forget to change it frequently. First, of all you are supposed to make sure that you do keep a same password for many sites as it becomes easy for the hackers to guess your password. Also, the next time you change your password, you are required to keep in mind that you must never keep common or repetitive passwords such as 1234 or abcd because they are too easy to guess.

Establish two-step verification

Just for the security purpose, it is important for you to proceed with this lengthy yet important process. The two step verification plays a vital role as it does not allow anyone else to login to your account without entering the Unique Id. Every time, you or anyone else log in to your Yahoo account, you would receive a personal message and only if you verify it the login would take place. It acts as a security checker basically. The most important part is if anyone else tries to log in to your account without permission, you would get notification regarding it. Only if you allow the log in would take place.

Be alert, and keep a check

You are supposed to stay alert all the time. Make sure you keep on checking your account. If you find any spam email, junk email takes care of it. Also, any unnecessary activity should be taken care properly. You must stay updated regarding your account. This might sound an easy step but it plays a vital role.

These are the steps you are supposed to follow, to keep your Yahoo account safe from the unwanted attacks of hackers. In case, you want further information, you can seek help from Yahoo Live chat. The experts and engineers are present 24*7 to fix all your problems.

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