Recover the Disabled Gmail Account

How Do I Recover the Disabled Gmail Account?

In short, like several online platforms, Google has put forward set policies for users of their email platform must follow. Furthermore, the policies are meant to be creating an amicable and safe digital environment for their users. However, a Gmail account is disabled for various reasons that may be either by own mistakes or by some malicious parties who could make Google to disable accounts for security purposes.

The foremost thing you must do is to open any of your favorite browser and log into your Google account and make a trial in finding out the reasons behind the disabling of your Gmail account. You must look for the phrase “Try to Restore”, follow the instructions, and fill out the form provided.

Steps to Fill the Google Form

Step 1: First thing first, check on either the Yes or No circle when asked if you signed in to the Google account ending with or

Step 2: Next, provide an alternative email address that the Google team can contact you later through. Ensure that the provided email address you provided is active and accessible – not the one associated with a suspended account.

Step 3: Give more details about your account of the required spaces provided below. You can add a short comment.

Step 4: Click the Submit button and wait for a response from the Google team.

Step 5: Google will send feedback through the new email provided within two to three working days.   

Some of the Reasons that May Cause Disabling of Gmail Accounts

Malware: Sending of harmful or risky code by sharing dangerous software.

Phishing Attack: Accessing information that is not meant to be public by either taking it illegally or deceiving innocent parties to share it without knowing.

Account Hacking: Signing into someone else’s account without their prior permission or authorization.

Use of Multiple Accounts: The creation of more than one account and going against the terms and conditions provided by Google.

Spamming: Sending unwanted messages or unnecessary content to the individuals who are not known to you whatsoever.

Making a False Identity to Deceive People: Identity theft is a serious offense. Coming up with a false identity with malicious intent to deceive individuals result in temporary or permanent account suspension. However, this excludes the creation of celebrity fan accounts.

Terrorist Content: Google does not forgive users who share inciting information, have links with any terrorist organization.

High Call Volumes: Google does not allow users to send a huge number of calls to a telephone exchange to make profits.

Automatic Calls or Messages: The internet giant does not permit individuals to make calls or send messages automatically. This is called as a robocalling.

Breaking Product Policies: Google will remove an account of a user if the company feels some of the terms have been violated. A notice might not be provided if the matter is crucial.

Since Google does not suspend or disable accounts without reason, but if your account is disabled, then you must know, for some reason, you have broken one of their policies knowingly or unknowingly.  

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